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Utah Information

Potential and current vendors, please review these pages to become familar with ReptiDay's rules and show schedule, and also to review State and local laws and requirements. You may also register for tables using our online form or contact the appropriate vendor coordinator.


Utah Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

State of Utah Information:

Division of Wildlife



Please follow the above link to review a complete list of what animals are Controlled or Prohibited. Please refer to the "Importation & Possession" column.
Among the restrictions are:
Native Species
Alligator Snapping Turtles

If an animal is not Controlled, nor listed, no registration is required.

For Controlled animals, both vendors and guests purchasing the animal require a Certification of Registration for Possession, the application for which is available at this link

Please note the fee schedule on this form, which includes $160 for commerial use and $85 for personal use. The form has a 45 day processing period and the certificate is good for the calendar year of 2013.

Further explanation & fine print regarding these rules is available at: http://wildlife.utah.gov/dwr/rules-regulations/rules-regulations/85

If you have further questions about these rules, contact Suzanne McMullin at 801-538-4701

Utah Dept of Agriculture, Animal Health: 801-538-7164

Dr. Bruce King, DVM, State Veterinarian: 801-538-7162

Dr. Wyatt Frampton, DVM: 801-538-7161

All out-of-state vendors will need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for all animals entering the State of Utah.  CVI must be obtained prior to entering the state.  Vendors may have their veterinarian list all their animals on one CVI.  Separate CVI forms are not required for each individual animal.

Certain Exotic Mammals (Zoo Animals & Livestock) have further restrictions. Please follow the link above for more information.


City of Farmington Information:

City of Farmington


801-451-2383 ext. 212


A $50 Temporary Business Permit is Required for those selling within the city.
This Permit may only be obtained by calling the number listed above.
A copy of the required application may be found clicking here

If anyone possesses a business license from another city in Utah, inquire at the number above regarding waiving the fee, however, the application is still required by all vendors.

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Online Vendor Registration

Welcome to ReptiDay's online vendor registration page.  To complete the registration process online you will need to:

1.  Submit your vendor information on the form below, AND

2.  Submit payment for your tables utilizing the Paypal shopping cart buttons displayed
on the page which will follow.  (You do not need to have a Paypal account to submit payment through this
shopping cart.)

*If an Upcoming Show does not appear in the Registration Form below, it is Sold-out and Waitlisted.
To be placed on a Waitlist for Sold-out Shows via the Repticon Vendor Waitlist Form, Click Here.

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